Realising your mental health is not as healthy as it could be, can be difficult. Especially if you’ve never had problems before. After all, what do you judge it by?

So even though you may be slipping into depression or becoming riddled with anxiety, you just think to yourself you’re just a ‘bit’ down or a ‘bit’ worried. That it’s nothing really to worry about.

And that’s how it happens: bit by bit you get sicker and sicker. Until that day you realise that you’re genuinely ill. Worse, because you’ve let things gradually slide for long, it takes you longer to get back on top because you haven’t nipped it in the bud.

So if you’re feeling a ‘bit’ sad or a ‘bit’ worried, speak to a doctor, your EAP, a friend or family member. Because it’s time to start feeling a bit better.

Like a few tips on monitoring your mental health? Then visit:

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