1.   If you are concerned about someone you should ask them directly, “Are you thinking of suicide?” or “Are you thinking about taking your life?” Do not beat around the bush.

2.   You cannot lead someone to take their life by talking about suicide. If anything, saying nothing just might lead to tragedy.

3.   If you were to take your life, the chances of your children taking theirs increases.

4.   The phrase “committed suicide” may be politically incorrect but it is much better than saying nothing.

5.   I had a relative take their life and it was covered up. The only people who said a word to me about it were my father and uncle. I greatly appreciated their honesty – especially later, when I became unwell. This is not a subject to be hidden away as it only heightens the belief that it is shameful and, therefore, those who consider suicide cannot talk about it.

6.   75% of Australians who take their lives are men. Apparently 55% of these men had reached out for professional help.

7.   Statistics represent people. Behind every statistic there are parents, grandparents, children, brothers, sisters, mates, besties and colleagues left devastated.

8.   Thoughts of suicide can be common. I have had more than hot meals yet never come close to acting on them.

9.   Just because someone seems happy doesn’t mean they are not suicidal.

10. Lifeline is only ever six digits away: 13 11 14

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