There’s a lot said about mental illness, but sometimes we gloss over just how bad it really can be. Depression for example, can be soul destroying with days of interminable misery and nights of chronic insomnia.

Exhaustion seeps into your bones and the control you once felt over your life gives way to guilt, shame and bouts of anger.

Tragically for some, the black hole has no exit.

Naturally, if someone doesn’t seem to be themself, talk to them and encourage professional help. But should you start feeling lousy for no apparent reason, be very careful.

At a time when you want to withdraw from others you must actually find the strength to reach out and ask for help.

To kid yourself into believing that you can get through this alone is a dangerous road to travel. A stiff upper-lip or cup of concrete won’t cure you. If anything, it might just kill you.

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