Being a cardholding depressive, I’ve always subscribed to the following:
Why waste your energy on optimism when it all ends up like crap anyway?

It’s an attitude that’s served me well.

But I recently came across something that’s left me questioning such wisdom. It’s called gratitude. Here’s how it works: before I went to sleep the other night, I thought of five things I had to be grateful for.

Family and friends were no-brainers. A good laugh with a colleague that day, wasn’t too hard to find. Getting a smile from a baby on the train popped into mind. And on it went.

After each item, I said a silent ‘Thank you’.

I don’t know who I was thanking, but it didn’t seem to matter too much.
The next night, I did the same thing. And the next. Now I find myself looking for things to be grateful for during the daytime too.

And guess what? I’ve started getting this little warm, fuzzy feeling all day long.

Must be getting the flu.

Today we’re off to Harvard to learn a little more about the amazing benefits of gratitude:

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