Most of us have worked for a bulletproof boss at some time in our career. You know, the person who believes that being a good manager means being made of steel.

It’s not that they’re not nice people. It’s just that they think that to show any sign of weakness is to risk their authority.

So, they never appear to get sick, stressed or need a break. They can work around the clock and have an innate ability to ping off emails in their sleep.

As for poor mental health, well what the hell is that?!

Whether it’s intentional or not, they also set one of the worst examples a leader possibly can. Why? Because none of their team feels safe in showing any sign of vulnerability.

Instead, everyone goes about their work wearing big goofy masks that say, “Hey no problems here. I’m a person of steel too.” As a result, problems go ignored, productivity suffers, and people start looking around for jobs where the bosses are made of flesh and blood, not steel.

You see, good managers understand that showing vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness. It doesn’t diminish them in the eyes of those who follow them. In fact, it builds respect and makes them approachable. Which in turn, creates one of the most valuable resources you can have in an increasingly dog-eat-dog world.



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