Hmmm, let’s see…

Well for a start, I’m not looking for a full-time gig as I already have a few wonderful people I work with. But I’d like to work more and on a more regular basis. So, you might like to buy some of my time for some of the week or fortnight or month.

In return you’ll get:

  • Invaluable insights from a successful 40-year career built while battling mental illness
  • An in-house master Mental Health First Aid trainer
  • Webinars, lunch n’ learns and informal chats conducted by one of the Black Dog Institute’s leading speakers
  • A creator of communities and forums for your Mental Health First Aiders and peer support workers
  • An easy-going bloke who ‘fellow travelers’ feel comfortable in talking with
  • Someone at home in the bluest of blue-collar workplaces or the most mahogany of mahogany boardrooms
  • An excellent and prolific content writer and lateral thinker
  • A valuable resource capable of filling the gaps between Men’s Mental Health Week, Mental Health Awareness Month and RUOK? Day
  • And someone brave enough (or stupid enough) to post a self-portrait like this.

If you’d like a chat, please email me at dkwest@tpg.com.au

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