1. Breakout rooms are the work of the devil. Many enter, few return

2.   If TV cameras add four-kilos, computer cameras add 14-kilos. And two extra chins

3.   Having a participant fall asleep during a training session can be soul destroying

4.   The Divine Law of Oneness means mowers and zoom meetings must always start simultaneously

5.   When things go wrong during screen sharing, tapping every possible button at warp speed does not help

6.   Adults find great pleasure in yelling out, “You’re on mute!!!!! when half the time they are too

7.   If you’re sitting in a zoom meeting wondering where the hell is everyone, rest assured they’re in another room wondering where the hell you are

8.   Virtual backgrounds may look great, but your half your head still disappears every time you move

9.   It is no longer possible to roll your eyes behind your boss’ back

10. If zoom means to hurry, race or speed, why do Zoom meetings take so bloody long?

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