Call me old fashioned, but I’d say that no matter how much some of us enjoy working from home, we still crave some human interaction. Personally, I’d be happy just to sit on a crowded train for 30-minutes with some wanker on his mobile showing the entire carriage how smart he is. But then, I’m easily pleased.

Anyway, cutting to the chase. I heard a manager on a webinar mention a simple way she introduces a little more humanity into her people’s work-lives. Every day, her and her colleagues hop online for two hours and work together.

Nothing special, no big meetings or anything. Just six people going about their work knowing that their colleagues are sitting right there with them. Occasionally someone will crack a joke or mention a good show or ask for a bit of help – just like they would if they were together in an office.

And how about this one? Another manager told me she and her colleagues were introducing an end-of-week segment called Fucked-Up Friday. People get a chance to have a good rant, but just not about their employer, colleagues or clients.

That’s genius. And human.

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