1. End every Zoom meeting with a 10-minute walk outdoors.

2. You can’t smile with a stiff upper lip. Show your emotions.

3. Feeling crook, either physically or mentally? Visit doc.

4. Remember, not every conversation need be about COVID.

5. When exercising, say hello to others. They are not the enemy.

6. Phone calls can sometimes be warmer than zoom meetings.

7. One day, COVID will be gone. Plan for these times.

8. It’s okay to feel down or worried. It’s even betterer to talk about it.

9. If you’re too busy to take a break, take a break.

10. Walking to the fridge is not considered exercise.

11. Your mind can be a terrible liar. Be prepared to tell it to f’ off.

12. If you have time to stress, you have time to learn relaxation exercises.

13. It’s called a ‘work day’ not ‘work all day and night day’.

For further information on surviving Covid with your mental health intact visit these great section of Beyond Blue’s website:

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