In a lifetime of lived experience, I’ve done some funny things:

– Taken medication that made my mouth so dry I sounded uncannily like Donald Duck

– Another medication affected my balance so badly I fell headfirst into an elderly lady’s lap on a train. The schoolboys that witnessed this nearly wet themselves

– Mates were not always delighted when Lithium would make my hands shake so badly that three full schooners quickly became three near-empty schooners by the time I got them back to our table

– I’ve been so sleep-deprived, I’ve snuck out to my car for a nap having asked a colleague to call me an hour later. I’ve then slept through her half dozen calls and woken after dark.

– I’ve taken my (highly sedating) evening medication in the morning and much to my colleagues’ delight, fallen soundly asleep at my desk. Many of them assumed I was pissed.

Fact is, if you suffer from an illness you will stuff up. Such stuff ups will be as embarrassing as you let them be.

They’re not your fault so see the funny side and tell your friends. They’ll love you for it. After all, you don’t get many laughs when you’re fighting mental illness so take every one you can. Even at your own expense.

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