We all wear masks, and lots of them. There’s the mask we wear with workmates; the one we wear with friends; and the one we wear with strangers. We have masks for the weekend, job interviews and grocery shopping.

But those of us experiencing mental ill health wear one extra mask. The one we slip on every morning in an exhausting effort to convince the world that everything’s okay. Yep, nothing to see here folks.

It’s the mask that soaks up the little energy we have left; the energy that could be used so more effectively in fighting our illness. By the time we take it off at night, we are shattered.

So, the next time you get out of bed feeling like death-warmed-over, consider leaving that mask in the drawer. Instead, find someone you trust implicitly and tell them how you are feeling.

You’ll start feeling a bit better almost immediately.

If you’re considering in confiding in someone at work, this is an excellent article:

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