Go for a run, walk, swim or even a bit of bonking and you’re only too happy to give your body a rest. After all, it earned it.

As for your poor old brain, it whirrs away at 100 miles an hour all day long, seven days a week and you never give it the slightest thought. You’re happy to let it solve problems, dream, fantasise, contemplate, move our arms and legs and operate every other damn thing in our spoiled little body and its reward?

Nothing. Zip, zilch, nix, sweet Fanny Adams. Let it do all the heavy lifting and every bit of grunt work. But as for rest, forget it!

Well I say it’s time your grey matter got as much consideration as your pink bits. Or brown, black, yellow or whatever colour bits you have. So book a few minutes with Dr Google and learn a bit about belly breathing, mindfulness, meditation or just go and stare at a cloud or get out into nature and give your brain a break.

It deserves it.

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