If your mental health is not great and you’re offered the choice of working from home or the office, err on the side of the office.

There you’ll find colleagues you have to converse with whether you like it or not. And face-to-face rather than screen-to-screen. So hiding problems is harder and finding someone to confide in easier.

You’ll be surrounded by social norms where suit jackets matched with trackies are a non-no and daily showers and afternoon naps are not optional. Sure, it’s more effort, but it gives you a sense of control.

You’ll also have less time for negative thoughts and, counterintuitively, have more time to relax thanks to commutes where you can do what you want, rather than the dishes.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not unsympathetic. I know mental illness and office work aren’t the best of bedfellows. But the fact remains that the regular nature of a workplace can be a sanctuary – a place that can save you from yourself when things get bad.

So if you’re not feeling so good, go ahead and go to work. Because it takes a lot of discipline to drag yourself out of bed, force yourself to shower and get to your desk. And discipline is one thing you really you need to kick poor mental health.

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