This may sound counterintuitive, but if we are to come out of COVID19 in the best shape we need to forget words such as stoic, ballsy and brave. At least for a while, and certainly from a mental health perspective.

Instead, we need to focus on words such as empathetic, compassionate and caring – both for ourselves and those we call family, friends and fellow Australians.

This is no time to ignore signs of unrelenting stress, or anxiety churning our guts or feelings of sadness that will just not go away.

This is a time to be honest with our own feelings. This is time to say, “I feel like crap’ and reach out to a doctor or psychologist. And this is a time to reach out to others to and say, “I’m concerned about you”.

So how about it Australia? A little less embarrassment and a lot more honesty hey? After all, what’s the point of making it through a Pandemic of physical illness only to find it replaced with one of mental illness?

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