As the chair and a commissioner of the National Mental Health CommissionLucinda Brogden AM plays a major role in the mental health of our country. Today, she takes a few minutes out to answer the really big questions.

1. What got you into the industry?
After a career in accounting, I got into the industry as an advocate. My husband has lived with depression and suicidal thoughts since his teens and had some very bad experiences early on. We didn’t want others to go through what we had.

2. The smartest thing you’ve learned?
Love and compassion go a very long way. And when they are not enough, there are many wonderful community and clinical services available.

3. Your pet peeve?
Infighting and people talking the system down. There is a lot of good in what we do now.

4. Favourite charity?
Just like children, you shouldn’t have favourites. Those I admire most are those that work collaboratively in the sector.

5. Favourite Book: Too many to list!
Band: The Sydney Symphonic, ABBA and most 80’s Aussie Rock.
Breakfast: Croissants and coffee with my family on Mother’s Day.

Thank you so much Lucinda. Next week, @Robert, Director of Lifeline Direct.

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