Even when we were all working together in offices, it could be tough leaving work for the day – at least, for our minds. For some reason known best to them, they’re not always as keen to down tools as our bodies are. I would often find mine mulling over work stuff long after the rest of me was slumped on the lounge at home.

It was the kind of stuff that would wake me at 3am. Or cause my wife’s eyes to glaze over as I recounted what a dick-head Denise from accounts was. But now that most of us are working from home, leaving our work behind can seem all but impossible. After all, it’s just a room away.
So if you’re having trouble stopping for the day, try this simple exercise:

1. At the start of the day, pick a time that you’d like to stop work and set your alarm. When it goes off, turn off your computer and head out your front door.

2. Walk down the street to a park or a neighbour’s front fence and sit yourself down – somewhere that provides a bit of privacy.

3. Next, plant your feet firmly on the ground, straighten your back, put your hands on your knees and hold your head up nice and straight.

4. Now, spend five minutes breathing slowly and deeply. Right down into your belly. You’ll find it incredibly calming.

5. Having done so, return to your front door and ring the doorbell. When it’s answered yell out, “Honey I’m home!” even if you only have a flatmate.

6. Step inside, sit on your lounge, enjoy a drink, and ask anyone in sight, “How was your day?”

7. Do not watch news.

It may sound ridiculous, but it works.

For a few other good tips on working from home, take a look at:

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