WELCOME TO THE INAUGURAL MENTAL HEALTH MONDAY with Professor Gordon Parker AO, founder of the wonderful Black Dog Institute. Today, Gordon answers the curly questions like what he had for breakfast.

What prompted you to get into mental health?

Gordon: Mentors who I trusted and who knew more about me (and where I might ‘fit’) than I did about myself.

The smartest thing you’ve learned about MH?

Gordon: Diagnosis is ALL IMPORTANT.

Your pet peeve with the industry?

Gordon: How so many operate to a ‘one size fits all’ model, where all of the practitioners’ give meds or CBT or whatever other single therapy.

Favourite charity other than your own?

Gordon: Lifeline – helps so many people so well.

Favourite book, band and breakfast? 

Book: “Here’s Luck” by Lennie Lower (very old). Most interesting book read recently is “Infinite Jest’ by David Foster Wallace.

Band: Wish to support the locals and because of some evocative memories (‘Crowded House’).  

Breakfast: Can’t favourites here as taste buds not open for business for the day; a good coffee at that time is the only preference.

Thanks so much Gordon. Next week, David Burroughs of Westpac.

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