I occasionally see the bloke below right in my bathroom mirror at 3am when my bipolar 1 and I aren’t getting on. He’s a good bloke, but I never let him out in public without his smiley mask (pictured below left).

Normally there are 20% of people just like me suffering from mental health issues every year. But since social isolation and uncertainty are perfect breeding grounds for mental illness, I think there might be quite a few more this year. So, if you start to feel a bit crook, remember this:

1. Poor mental health is not a life sentence. Odds are, you will recover, but only if you….

2. Raise your arm and say, “I don’t feel so good”. Preferably to your GP.

3. Mental illness is insidious and can take time to take grip. You don’t just wake up one morning and think to yourself, “Yep that’s an anxiety disorder for sure”. Be on your toes.

4. Similarly, mental illnesses can take time to get over. Be patient. 5. Finally, being embarrassed about mental health issues is a waste of precious energy. And you can take that from a bloke who’s done some pretty crazy shit in 40-years of manic highs. Take care kids.

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