Here’s some advice for when the stores re-open and COVID-19 fades from the memory. Most of us work more for the money than the pleasure. And making that money takes time, energy and most of our lives. So it always makes me wonder when you look at how we spend that money.

Say for example, you buy two $4 coffees and a $10 take away meal a day. That’s $18.00 a day or $90 a week. Add in your tax you’ve paid to make that money and that’s a total of $119.25 you’ve had to earn to afford something as forgettable as, well, takeaway coffee.

Apply that maths to the purchase of flat screen TVs, fashion labels, luxury cars and even more luxurious overseas holidays and you’re working like a slave to enjoy “the good life”. And chances are, you’ll be working all your “good life” getting pretty well nowhere.

Fact is, you’re not consuming these items – they’re consuming you. And a great deal of our planet’s resources too. So the next time you reach for your credit card, ask yourself one question: “Am I tapping for something that will make my life better, or am I tapping for crap that will keep me on some soul-destroying treadmill?”

The answer to that, might just set you free.

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