Sometimes it’s called mindfulness, meditation or being in the moment. In this case, it’s called a jigsaw puzzle – and it’s a wonderful way to still your mind and calm yourself for a while.

The fact is, while you’re focused on whether that light blue piece in your hand belongs in the Indian, Pacific or Atlantic Ocean you can’t be worrying about tomorrow’s big meeting or yesterday’s chat with the boss. You are just there in the moment and that’s a relaxing place to be.

It also gives your subconscious to do a bit of work and possibly find a great idea for tomorrow’s big meeting.

So, get a jigsaw for that empty office desk. People will start picking up pieces and putting them in places totally unaware that they’re practicing something as magical as mindfulness or refreshing their minds for the next task at hand. Oh, and start with something that’s not too difficult, otherwise your jigsaw experience may drive you out of your mind, rather than help you lose yourself in it.

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