1. If feeling poorly, seek help. Hiding under doona is not acceptable.
2. If you had heart problem, you’d happily see a cardiologist. Same goes for psychologists and psychiatrists.
3. Medication? See point two.
4. If you’re concerned about someone, ask them. They’ll love you for it.
5. If you have a job, go to it. It’s better for you than watching Ellen.
6. The road to recovery is lined with potholes. Be patient.
7. Relaxation exercises reduce stress. Learn them.
8. Be prepared to laugh at yourself. Hell, everyone else is.
9. Ignoring symptoms is a sign of stupidity, not strength.
10. Helping others helps your mental health.
11. Behaving like a dickhead will be tolerated, occasionally. Don’t make a habit of it.
12. Confiding can be liberating, BUT think long and hard before doing so.
13. Smart phones are dumb things for bedrooms.
14. Be self-aware, not self-obsessed.
15. Walking to the fridge is not considered exercise.
16. Your mind can be a terrible liar. Be prepared to tell it to f’ off.
17. If you wouldn’t tell a cancer patient to ‘snap out of it’ don’t tell someone with depression.
18. Be proud of yourself, not ashamed. You didn’t ask for this.
19. If you’re going through hell it’s best to keep going.
20. You are never alone. Never, ever.

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