Over the last decade, I’ve confided in quite a few colleagues about my bipolar, and each and every one of them has been spectacularly good about it. Most have asked how they could help. Some, in return, have talked their own mental health issues, grateful for the chance to speak openly with a fellow traveler.

Confiding isn’t for everyone. It took me 30 years of working life to find the right time. But if you do decide to, here a few tips I’ve found helpful:

1. Think hard before you do so. Your career may be in the balance.
2. To state the bleeding obvious, trust the person you confide in.
3. Do it when you are feeling and performing well.
4. Tell them you are doing so out of respect and not to play poor-me.
5. Talk over a coffee outside the office away from prying eyes and big ears.
6. Keep it unemotional – if possible

Talking about talking out about mental health at work, here’s a helpful article:

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