Poor mental health is not a helpful workmate. There may be days when you just can’t make it in, but whenever you can, try and give it your best shot. Here are some tips to help you through your day:

1. Take your time. If your brain is working slower than a three-toed sloth on Valium, don’t try forcing it along. You’ll only screw up and end up feeling worse.
2. If possible, do the part of your job you enjoy best. Chances are you’ll still do it reasonably well.
3. Taking breaks is always advisable, but critical when you are crook. Offer to do the coffee-run for colleagues or take a lot of wee-breaks.
4. If you get confused by instructions and your colleagues don’t know you’re ill, simply say, “I’m sorry. I had a terrible sleep last night and my mind’s a mess. Could you explain that again?”
5. Get early feedback. It saves you wasting hours going off on a tangent and looking like an idiot.
These tips are optional:
6. Learn to look out the window without looking like you’re just looking out the window. If you adopt a contemplative air, colleagues will leave you alone believing you’re deep in thought. More fool them. Take this time to practise some mindfulness.
7. In case of emergency: If your office is pet-friendly, surreptitiously pour a glass of water on the floor. Then let everyone know in your kindest voice that little ‘Tricksy’ has peed under your seat but generously offer to clean it up. This buys you time and the glowing respect of everyone – except Tricksy.


8. During the day, book an appointment with your GP to discuss your illness. No ifs, no buts. You can’t keep working like this and you’ll feel so much better once you do so.

This is an interesting article on handling work when you’re depressed. Well worth a read:

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