Like any Australian bloke worth his salt, I tell my wife she’s the luckiest woman alive.

But lately, I’ve been wondering.

You see, I live with bipolar 1, but she…well, she lives with me. So she’s virtually raised three children. Even though she only has two.

She’s spent hundreds of hours with GPs, psychologists and psychiatrists. Even though she’s exceptionally well-balanced.

And she’s done all of this without throwing tantrums, plates or carving knives. Even though no court would ever convict her. But here’s the amazing thing. In some ways, she’s nothing special.

There are millions of Australians just like her.

Spouses, partners, kids, colleagues, cousins, friends, neighbours, lovers, managers and mates. All caring in their own unique ways for the mentally ill people in their lives.

So the next time you hear about someone suffering from mental illness, spare a thought for those suffering right alongside them. And be grateful for their love and kindness.

You don’t need me to tell you Lifeline is a wonderful group, but here’s some further proof. Advice for mental health carers:

Click to access carers-of-people-with-mental-illness-wflzjutaysvm.pdf

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