6078934532_25a08ae9bb_bEverybody has mood swings from time to time. It’s Monday morning, or we scratch our car, or we have a fight with our partner and suddenly we don’t feel all that great. But the thing with a mood swing is that Monday morning becomes Friday afternoon or you have your car repaired or you kiss and makeup with your partner, and all of a sudden you feel good again.

But with depression, you simply cannot snap out of it. In fact, telling someone to snap out of it is a bit like telling someone with cancer to harden up. With depression, you find no joy in life. You feel isolated and alienated. You can find yourself awake when you should be asleep, and wanting to nap when you should be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. You lack energy, motivation and concentration. And even the mildest of us can become irritable and unpleasant to be around, even though it’s not through choice.

According to the Black Dog Institute, should you find yourself feeling this way for more than a fortnight, you should see your doctor. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are depressed, but why wouldn’t you bother to check it out and get better if you’d are?

If you had the flu for a fortnight, you’d be crawling to the doctor, so why not now?

Want to know more? Take a quick trip to Outlife in the UK:

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