So, you’re concerned about someone’s mental health, but scared to ask them for fear of embarrassment or making the whole issue worse?

Well don’t worry, you won’t.

There’s a simple logic to this and once you see it, you’ll slap yourself on the forehead and never be scared again.

But first a word about political correctness. It’s crap. Well, most of it.

Forget about what you are or are not allowed to say. If you’re approaching from genuine concern, who gives a damn?

I once had a good mate enquire of my health by saying, “Sarah (who is his wife) told me I had to ask how your pills are going?”

I said they were going well to which he replied, “Oh thank God for that.” We both laughed, but nevertheless, I was deeply moved. This was his blokey way of telling me he cared.

The point is, it’s much better to ask than not.

Now to the logic.

If you told someone you were concerned about them and just wanted to check everything was okay there are three possible scenarios:

 1.   They have no problem. You’ve simply misread the situation but they think you’re great for asking.

 2.   They have a problem but deny it. At least you’ve opened a gate for them and shown you care. They love you for it.

 3.   They have a problem and they sigh a massive sigh of relief that they have someone who cares and that they can talk to. They are not alone. They name their firstborn child after you – or rename an existing one.

Sitting back with your mouth shut tight for fear of embarrassment is a waste of time. And possibly even a life.

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