Even if you’re the mentally healthiest human on earth, you’ll still have negative thoughts from time to time.

Even the mentally healthiest humans have negative thoughts from time to time.

And if you’re depressed or anxious, you can bet your house on it.

Unfortunately, our minds aren’t always our mates. They’ll happily tell us we’re too fat, thin, hairy, bald, stupid, smelly, lazy, ugly or whatever.

As for applying for that promotion or asking that cute person in accounts out for a drink, don ‘t even think about it! You’re just setting yourself up for a major disappointment – you’re just not good enough.

So if you catch your mind telling you crap, imagine it’s another person standing beside you – your very own Mini-Me, and they are the ones telling you these things.

Now if someone else started telling you you’re too fat, thin, hairy bald or whatever … you wouldn’t take it.

You wouldn’t blindly accept everything this painful little person was telling you. You’d defend yourself.  You’d be more objective.

And by doing so, you might just decide you are good enough for that promotion. Or that cute person in accounts might just want to go out with you.

So the next time your mind starts getting down on you, just remember who’s the one in charge. And it’s not that lousy little Mini-Me.

Here are a few more tips from Psych Central on dealing with negative thinking:


  1. Hi Dave,

    I’m sure you across this but, just in case you missed it, Alastair Campbell (former communications officer to Tony Blair and author of ‘It’s all in the Mind’, his journey through depression, is coming to talk in Sydney. It’s soon but I can no longer find the Guardian article that talks about it. You could google it. I thought it might be of interest to you.

    I’ve just returned from Europe today – annual family pilgrimage – and made various resolutions while failing to sleep on the plane. One of them was to organise that oft referred to drink or dinner with Phil. So watch this space!!

    I hope you’re well.



    20 Ruskin Rowe Avalon NSW 2107 0428 200 021



    1. This is hugely exciting to get a message on this site Nick! I thought it existed in some parallel universe given how much traffic it gets (my fault entirely). Thanks for this. I’ll look Alastair’s article up.

      On a more serious matter, if you do wake the Silver Fox for a drink I’ll certainly be there mate.

      Hope life is good,

      All the best,


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