I was once talking with a young guy who’d gone close to taking his own life – three times.

During one of his attempts the police were called, as was an ambulance. 

He told me that as he was being helped into the ambulance by the equally young police and ambulance officers he kept thinking, “How come they all have their lives together and yet mine is so f’d up?”

Clearly, he couldn’t have had a clue what was really going on inside any of their heads, but he automatically assumed they were so much better than he was. They had it all together.

I told him that with the exception of Tony Abbott and Donald Trump, no one genuinely believes they really have their shit together.

We are all have our self-doubts and vulnerabilities, but we assume that no-one else does. A Black Dog psychologist summed it up brilliantly when she said, “Most of us judge our interiors by other people’s exteriors”.

Spot on hey?

It’s like judging your life by studying your friends’ Facebook posts when they’re on holidays.

None of us has the slightest clue what’s really going on behind others’ masks and the sooner we get that through our heads, the less we’ll all have to worry about.

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