1. Mentally ill people are not weak. It takes great strength to endure this shit.

  • You may feel isolated, but you are never alone. 20% of us suffer.
  • Your mind can tell you terrible lies when you’re down. Be prepared to tell it to f’ off.
  • Not seeking help is stupidity.
  • Don’t stop medication because it makes you fat, impotent, or sloth-like. Just change it.
  • Confiding in people you respect can have amazing results.
  • If you’re going through hell, it’s best to keep going.
  • Mental illness is an equal opportunity employer.
  • Shame is for people who do shameful things. It has no place in mental illness.
  • You will not embarrass yourself by asking how someone is travelling. People will love you for it.
  • Think no-one is interested in your story of mental illness? Think again:


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