Mentally ill people are not weak. It takes great strength to endure this shit.

  1. You may feel isolated, but you are never alone. 20% of us suffer.
  2. Your mind can tell you terrible lies when you’re down. Be prepared to tell it to f’ off.
  3. Not seeking help is stupidity.
  4. Don’t stop medication because it makes you fat, impotent, or sloth-like. Just change it.
  5. Confiding in people you respect can have amazing results.
  6. If you’re going through hell, it’s best to keep going.
  7. Mental illness is an equal opportunity employer.
  8. Shame is for people who do shameful things. It has no place in mental illness.
  9. You will not embarrass yourself by asking how someone is travelling. People will love you for it.

Think no-one is interested in your story of mental illness? Think again:


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