Like it or not, stress is here to stay. You’ll never outrun it so there’s no point trying. Leave the big city to live in a log cabin and three months later a team of termites will move next door. So since you can’t avoid stress, the sensible thing to do is learn to manage it. The first step is understanding that how you think about situations makes a big difference in how you feel about them.


Imagine for example, you’re driving to work when someone cuts you off. You hit the horn but rather than a wave of apology the driver gives you the finger and tells you to fuck off. Seconds earlier, you were enjoying your drive but now your blood pressure’s gone through the roof and you’re pissed off. Rightly so, you might say. After all, it wasn’t your fault. Or was it?


You see, while you weren’t the one driving badly you were the one who made the decision to get angry. Sure it was a split second decision but at that moment you could have chosen to keep your cool and put the incident behind you. Instead, you rather naturally, but not overly intelligently, decided to let that #@$%*!!! moron know what you thought of their driving ability. And when that moron reacted poorly, you chose to get even angrier.


Only problem is, having made these split-second decisions, you’ve set yourself up for a lousy few hours or even a complete day of lousiness. Anger might feel good for a minute or two but is it really worth the cost? By the time the other driver gets wherever they’re going they’ve forgotten all about it. As for you, you’re still simmering away. I know it’s easier said than done and it takes discipline but isn’t it better to make like Buddha and arrive relaxed?


Reach Out have some great tips for handling anger:



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  1. You are right, life is about choices and life is also like river. We are floating in that river through its rapids, over the waterfalls and drifting in its peacefulness the more we weigh ourselves down the harder the bumps and lower the highs
    The natural reaction is to hold on to that anger/frustration adding more and more weight. Eventually we sink so low we can’t see the beauty around us and the slower we go. The river’s speed doesn’t change and we are left wallowing.
    Just let go! Life is moving on and new adventures and annoyances await your presence
    Learning to “let go” is hard but so is landing at the bottom of a waterfall carrying ” misery and anger” rocks.
    Find someone to teach you how to “let go” and once more you will enjoy the feeling of floating down that river like a fine feather down


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