Every club has its rules and so too does Club20. If you’re not feeling so great or have a friend who isn’t, these guidelines may be of  help. Have them gold-foiled, get them framed and hang them on your wall.

  1. If feeling poorly, do something. Speak to a friend, see your GP or get a little exercise. Pulling doona over head is not acceptable behaviour.
  2. If you have a job, go to it. It is better to struggle through eight hours with your workmates than eight hours with Ellen and her audience.
  3. Psychologists and psychiatrists are not to be scared of. If you had heart problem you’d happily see a specialist. Same applies to head problems.
  4. Medication? See point three.
  5. Never be afraid to ask. If you’re concerned about someone’s wellbeing, ask them. Ill or not, they’ll love you for it.
  6. If you’re going through hell it’s best to keep going.
  7. The road to recovery has no dead ends but many potholes and detours. Be patient.
  8. Meditation, mindfulness and controlled breathing are notfor wankers. They’re proven techniques to reducing stress. Learn them.
  9. Be prepared to laugh at yourself. Hey, everyone else is.
  10. Ignoring mental illness is the first sign of craziness.
  11. One of the best ways to take your mind off yourself is to think of others.
  12. Don’t let your illness become an excuse. Occasionally you are permitted to act like a dickhead but don’t make a habit of it.
  13. Trust someone implicitly before confiding.
  14. Sleep your way to the top.
  15. Be self-aware, not self-obsessed
  16. Your mind can be a terrible liar. Be prepared to tell it to f’ off.
  17. Never ever tell a sufferer to ‘snap out of it’. They may snap, but it will be at you.
  18. 20% of Australian workers suffer from some form of mental illness every year. If you do, you are not alone. Never, ever.
  19. Boring as it may sound, diet, exercise and sleep are the basis of good mental health.
  20. Sometimes rules are included just to make up a nice round number. This is one of those rules.

And if that’s not enough, there are a few more tips from the Government here:


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2 thoughts on “CLUB RULES

  1. Hi David, love your blogs, LinkedIn post etc – so honest and championing the cause for greater understanding of mental illness and helping sufferers too.

    I have suffered from anxiety attacks for past 30 years – have had about 20 episodes lasting from 2 days to a month. I’m learning to live with anxiety and dealing with it while still in quite a high profile position.

    I have been thinking over the last year or so that I want to “give back” / help other people who go through anxiety attacks (mental illness in general). If you have any programs/ courses where you need “experienced speakers” or future ideas etc, I’d love to explore with you.

    Cheers – have a great day tomorrow!!


    1. Greg, so glad you find these blogs helpful mate. I find them incredibly therapeutical to write. As for talking, I would contact the Black Dog Instute as they love experienced people who have endured illnesses such as ourselves. Take care in these unusual times mate.


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